This Wellness Case Management tool is the process and system that enables the organisational health care workers to coordinate high risk workers total health and wellness care plan to achieve optimal, quality care delivered in a cost effective manner.

Advantages and Features

There are some  great advantages and futures that make the Wellness Case Management Tool a must have to ensure effective and caring service delivery.
Average %
1. What was the quality of the course presented?100
2. How relevant was the course in empowering me to be a wellness coordinator?95
3. How interactive was the workshop?95
4. To what extend was my needs met related to my role as wellness coordinator in the employee wellness program?90
5. How practical was the information shared?95
6. How well was the content of the course presented? 100
7. What was the quality of the course material?95
Average total score95.7

How it works


Choose a price plan

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Customize the plan

Our professional team will meet up with you and develop a custom plan and solution to ensure effective and purposeful service delivery and support the results you strive for.
Step 3

Test system

Extensive testing will be conducted with the end users to ensure a user-friendly, reliable and desirable system. Our professional and friendly team will be their all the way to support, encourage and fix things.

Plans and Pricing

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Health Care Workers using the system to upload data and receive reports


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Setup Cost

 Customization of system to ensure effective and purposeful service delivery





Annual licence fee

Maintenance, support, upgrades and access to control panel

$1,200 p.y.

$2,400 p.y.

$4,800 p.y.

$9,600 p.y.

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