IntegratedS1Research is indicating that the best way to reduce unsuccessful behaviour change attempts is through establishing a supportive cultural environment. Creating corporate culture that truly supports wellness is a long-term project that requires real dedication to wellness values and a lot of sustained hard work and coordination. In a supportive cultural environment, employees feel that the organization they work for provides them with encouragement, opportunity, and rewards for healthy lifestyles. And the spirit that results is highly contagious. Employees who feel cared for are naturally more loyal and productive. Through a decade of research and trailing best practices (that has led to a Ph.D. , several publications and conference presentations), Wellness Africa has developed a Systematic Culture Change System based on the work of Robert T. Allen and his son Judd Allen, that could be implemented by African-based organizations to establish an organisational wellness culture.      

Advantages and Features

There are some great advantages and futures that make the Systematic Wellness Culture Change System a must have to ensure effective and purposeful service delivery, and demonstrate the role it plays in creating organizational value and its return on investment.
Measures the current wellness balance of the individual wheel according to the seven major dimensions of wellness, and identities strength and weaknesses.
Gap AnalysisDetermines the GAP between the existing state of wellness and the desired state. This provides evidence on the desired road to wellness, and the degree of effort required.
Ready-to-changeRanks the lifestyle behaviours of participants according to readiness for change. This allows participants to successfully analyse were to start with their change plan.
7-Step Change Evidence based goal setting and change planning to foster sustained change by focusing on areas were participants indicated most ready to change.
Group ReportProvides actionable group data, allowing you to easily view the overall wellness of your population and fine-tune your wellness efforts and change planning.
Trend ReportShows improvements in wellness lifestyle habits, providing a detailed picture of the impact of your wellness efforts from one assessment period to the next.
Coaching ReportSummarizes the Individual Report results for wellness coaches, comparing prior assessment results to the individual’s current scores and identify clusters of needs for group interventions.
With this service Wellness Africa strives to audit, support and empower organizations and communities to create a wellness culture that is important to them.

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