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Intrinsic Coaching® increases people’s ability to think better about choices, together, on their own, and in shorter amount of time, especially by increasing intrinsic thinking. When strategic thinking is informed by the logic of intrinsic thinking, people get things done in a healthier and more effective manner and in a shorter amount of time. Motivating people to change behaviour that is harmful to their health can be difficult and tiresome. Changing the style of consultation could improve this experience for health and wellness professionals and create sustained behaviour change for the client! Wellness Africa provide Wellness coaching at the work place


Advantages and Features

There are some great advantages and futures that make the Executive Wellness Program a must have to ensure health and performing top management.
Preventative approach to problem cases, ensuring early referral, definitive diagnosis, plan of action and management to prevent complications.
HolisticHolistic approach in improving wellbeing of high risk employees
Track and reportTracking and reporting on progress with regard to referrals and subsequent interventions, ensuring optimal care is delivered in a cost effective manner and accelerated recovery back to full capacity.
Effective communicationImprove communication between all stakeholders, thereby promoting effective outcomes regarding Health, Human Resources and Industrial Relation problems impacting on work ability.
Link to value chainFacilitates a link on incapacity, absenteeism, substance abuse, disability, ext.
Ethical complianceEnsure ethical issues such as confidentiality are adhered to.
Trauma counsellingProvide post traumatic counselling to workplace trauma and injuries
Early return-to-workExecutes plans to ensure early return to work via counselling, rehabilitation or other management interventions.


How itworks


Choose a price plan

Whether you want this for yourself, a small management team or a business sector, we have a price plan for you. Choose one of our prepared plans [click here] or contact our friendly staff for special request or price negotiations [click here]


Customize the plan

Our professional team will meet up with you  to discuss the structure, timing and pricing of sessions and develop a custom plan to ensure a value add service for your people.

Step 3

Roll out of plan

Depending on the customization of the plan the program will be rolled out with careful consideration of the busy schedules participants may have.


Plans and Pricing

Choose the right assessment plan for you.

Number of sessions









Cost per session

$75 p.s.

$60 p.s.

$55 p.s.

$50 p.s.

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Training Institute for Wellness Coaches

We have been accredited to train on 2 of the best recognised styles of coaching by the international community namely Intrinsic Coaching ® – http://isintl.com/

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Motivational interviewing – http://www.motivationalinterview.org/ Find out more about upcoming training opportunities for wellness coaches by visiting our Upcoming Events section.