This Wellness Sustainability Index utilises the concept of having a simplified display, similar to that of a car instrument panel, with various alarm and performance indicators. The Wellness Sustainability Index provides a summarised view of the wellness culture supported by more detailed measurements. As in the case of the car, an alarm signals the imminent failure of a key component.

Advantages and Features

There are some  great advantages and futures that make the Wellness Sustainability Index a must have to ensure profitable work performance
Wellness Coaching is a partnership in which one person helps another person achieve goals by providing support, guidance, encouragement and accountability.
Certified CoachesOur wellness coaches are internationally certified and have many years of experience. Most of our coaches are in the field for more than 5 years.
Regular sessionsReceive regular wellness coaching sessions around behaviour change strategies to ensure more healthy and more productive people that can illicit their best thinking to become who they were born to be!
On-site or long distance sessions We are flexible. Whether you need face-to-face coaching or have staff in remote areas we could support them through our highly skilled and qualified coaches.

How it works


Choose a price plan

Whether you are part of a small or medium size enterprise or a multi-national, we have a price plan for you. Choose one of our prepared plans [click here] or contact our friendly staff for special request or price negotiations [click here]

Customize the plan

Our professional team will meet up with you and develop a custom plan and solution to ensure effective and purposeful index that support the results you strive for.
Step 3

Test system

Extensive testing will be conducted with the end users to ensure a user-friendly, reliable and desirable system. Our professional and friendly team will be their all the way to support, encourage and fix things.

Plans and Pricing

Choose the right assessment plan for you.


Health Care Workers using the system to upload data and receive reports


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Setup Cost

Customization of system to ensure effective and purposeful service delivery





Annual Licence fee

Maintenance, support, upgrades and access to control panel

$1,200 p.y.

$2,400 p.y.

$4,800 p.y.

$9,860 p.y.

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