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Wellness Africa provides internationally renowned worksite health & wellness training for leaders, wellness coordinators, wellness champions, human resource practitioners, health professionals and peer educators to empower them in establishing a sustainable healthy workplace culture.
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Measuring individual and organisational state of health & wellness helps to identify the need for change, set program objectives and provide return on investment data. Wellness Africa has developed industry leading assessment tools to support organisations in establishing a sustainable healthy workplace culture.
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Integrated Solutions


Based on more than a decade of research and international best practice implementation, Wellness Africa has developed integrated worksite wellness solutions that support organisations in creating a health and wellness program of excellence and unmatched business value.
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Certified Wellness Trainings

Wellness Coordinator

 manuals 1Wellness Coordinator is a certified training course that will raise the bar on Workplace Wellness program coordination. This two day training blends international best practices into an African based environment.

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Wellness Leader

 manuals 2Wellness Leader is a one day certified training course directed at top and middle management who needs to support, model and manage the wellness of those employees entrusted in their care.

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Wellness Professional

 manuals 6Wellness Professional is a two day certified training course directed at the worksite health practitioner who needs to care, support, and empower employees as part of a multidisciplinary team.

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Motivational Interviewing

manuals 3Motivating people to change behavior that is harmful to their health can be difficult and tiresome.

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The Road to Wellness Workshop

 manuals 4This Road to Wellness package is an equipping tool for Health & Wellness Professionals to involve employees in successfully adopting a healthy culture within the workplace.

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Wellness Peer Mentor

 manuals 5Wellness Peer Mentor is a certified training course for Supervisors, peer educators and employee champions who are willing to play an active role in establishing a Employee Wellness Culture in the Workplace and will l empower them to more effectively provide one-to-one support towards each other to ensure lasting lifestyle change. This training empowers coworkers and supervisors to become partners in lifestyle change in the workplace.

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Wellness Assessments

Health Risk

Health risk1This new generation health risk assessment goes beyond the tip of the iceberg and gathers information related to health practices and work cultures that lead to manifested individual and organisational health risks and present them in a stimulating and systematic way that propel individuals and groups into a healthy future.

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Wellness Culture

Culture assessment1The Wellness Culture Survey assesses the impact of workplace culture upon wellness attitudes and behaviour. The Wellness Culture Survey offers insight into which wellness behaviours are likely to take place in the current workplace environment. And, perhaps more importantly, the Wellness Culture Survey is a valuable tool in planning the systematic change of those aspects of the culture which fail to support – or even interfere with – efforts to adopt wellness lifestyles changes.
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Multi-dimensional Wellness Assessment

Multi-dimensional1The Multidimensional Wellness Assessment measures your wellness behaviour in seven dimensions that all influence your state of wellness. These dimensions include body; mind; soul; occupational; social; emotional; and meaning & purpose. The balance between these dimensions and the gap between your desired and existing situation of wellness is reported.
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Integrated Worksite Wellness Solutions

This unique wellness monitoring and evaluation tool is a continuing function that uses systematic collection and ongoing assessment of data on specific health and wellness indicators to provide the management and the main stakeholders of an ongoing intervention with indications of the extent of achievement of objectives and progress in the use of allocated funds.
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This Wellness Case Management tool is the process and system that enables the organisational health care workers to coordinate high risk workers total health and wellness care plan to achieve optimal, quality care delivered in a cost effective manner.
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This Wellness Sustainability Index utilises the concept of having a simplified display, similar to that of a car instrument panel, with various alarm and performance indicators. The Wellness Sustainability Index provides a summarised view of the wellness culture supported by more detailed measurements. As in the case of the car, an alarm signals the imminent failure of a key component.
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Research is indicating that the best way to reduce unsuccessful behaviour change attempts is through establishing a supportive cultural environment. Creating corporate culture that truly supports wellness is a long-term project that requires real dedication to wellness values and a lot of sustained hard work and coordination.
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The Executive Wellness Program offers organizational and community leaders sustained support and empowerment to assist them on their Road-to-Wellness and helps them in becoming wellness leaders that fosters a health culture in the organisation.
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Intrinsic Coaching® increases people’s ability to think better about choices, together, on their own, and in shorter amount of time, especially by increasing intrinsic thinking. When strategic thinking is informed by the logic of intrinsic thinking, people get things done in a healthier and more effective manner and in a shorter amount of time…
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