Dr. JPH Lubbe

Dr. JPH LubbeDr Japie Lubbe is a director and founder of Wellness Africa (Pty). For the past 13 years he has been involved in consulting various corporate companies in adopting well work and lifestyle behaviours through a unique systematic culture change approach to create sustained behaviour change. One of the programs implemented in an electricity utility company has achieved groundbreaking results by creating a cost benefit of more than 770%. He has developed unique African based health & wellness material currently implemented in various organizations. Japie completed his PhD in Human Movement Sciences at the North-West University, South Africa, with his thesis on Worksite Wellness Programs and Physical Work Capacity. Japie is registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa as a Biokineticist, he is an Intrinsic Coach and a Certified Motivational Interviewing Trainer. Japie has presented at several national and international conferences and published almost 30 articles. He is passionate about encouraging people to live a quality and purposeful life. With this passion he has founded Sizabantwana Children Benefit Organization, a non profit organization caring and empowering more than 700 AIDS Orphans to live a life of purpose.





Mrs T Putter

MrsTPutter1Tertia Putter is a director and founder of Wellness Africa (Pty). For the past 14 years she has implemented various wellness programs in organizations – such as: Strategic Wellness Culture Change Programs, Shift worker Wellness Programs, Executive Wellness Programs, Wellness Coaching, Ergonomic Wellness etc. Tertia has been involved in developing unique African based health & wellness certification programs that is currently implemented throughout various organizations. Some of the most current certified courses that are being implemented include Certified Wellness Professional Training, Certified Wellness Leadership Training and Certified Wellness Coordinator Training. Training these top professionals in all levels of Wellness has become a passion to re-ignite the professional back to their initial purpose in serving others through the health industry.

Tertia is registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa as a Biokienticist and she is a certified Intrinsic Coach, Executive Coach, Coach Mentor and Motivational Interviewing Trainer. Tertia Putter has presented the groundbreaking work of Wellness Africa at several national and international conferences.





Rev. F Mashego

RevFMashego1Frank is an executive management member of Wellness Africa (Pty) Ltd. focusing on Social Development. He has been involved with the social development of children in South Africa for the past 20 years. Frank is a senior lecturer at PETRA College witch is a Children Evangelising Training Centre. He is also a founding member and manager of SizaBantwana Children Benefit Organisation. The organisation’s main objectives are to provide care and support to orphaned and destitute children due to the HIV/ AIDS epidemic and other diverse circumstances and empower them to reach for a dream. The organisation’s secondary objective is to raise and manage funds and contributions to the benefit of children. Frank is also a pastor of his own congregation and board member of the Dutch Reformed Church, Hazyview. Frank has been selected as a finalist in the American Chamber of Commerce Star of the Community Award for his outstanding work amongst AIDS orphans.